My Story

Robert began playing piano at the age of 8 while at boarding school, where he developed his unique style of improvisation. Influenced and inspired by a combination of classical, rock, soul and jazz, he immersed himself in musical creativity.  

Robert won a music scholarship to Wellington in 1974 and studied under Hilary MacNamara at the Purcell School of Music from 1978-9. In 1984 he completed his education at Trent Park with a degree in the Performing Arts.  

In 1997 Robert released his first solo album, “Painting the Ocean”. Track 2 from this album, ‘By the Seashore’, has over 3 millions hits on YouTube. Between 2003 and 2012 Robert released 11 albums including three recorded in Russia. In December 2015 Robert released "The Resonance Collection", a set of four CDs recorded at Robert Holden's Coaching Happiness event in June 2015. Robert has improvised healing music at personal development seminars since 1997, including those run by Dr Robert Holden, leading psychologist and author. 
During the 90s Robert joined Sonja Kristina's band “Cloud 10” and toured the UK extensively. He was also active in the British Soul scene playing keyboards for Noel McKoy, leading UK soul singer. He appeared at the Royal Albert Hall, Ronnie Scotts, the Purcell Room and the Jazz Café. Robert also worked with a variety of artists such as Mica Paris, Omar and Carleen Anderson and appeared on French TV with China Black, supporting Barry White.  

Between 2003-2005 Robert performed many solo concerts in Russia, including the Roerich and Pushkin Museums in Moscow and the House of Composers in St Petersburg. In 2005 he was invited by a member of the State Duma for Udmurtia, to perform at the main theatre in Izhevsk and to facilitate voice and percussion workshops in the local area.  

Robert was invited by Sonja Kristina to join Curved Air in 2009. The band has toured extensively in the UK and have performed in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Portugal and Italy. In 2011 they released a live album called "Live Atmosphere" and in 2014 "North Star", the first new studio album since 1976. Robert played a major part in writing and producing "North Star". Over the past year Robert has been working on producing a trio album entitled "Infinity", featuring Florian Pilkington-Miksa (Curved Air's original drummer) and Kirby Gregory (Curved Air's guitarist from the 1972 line up). Sonja Kristina described Robert's contribution to Curved in the following way. "Through deeply emotive playing and his mastery of sonic atmospheres, together with years of classical/jazz-funk-soul collaborations and improvisation, he brings expanded dimensions and possibilities to the band."